Admissions FAQ

What are the critical deadlines for Admissions? Click here to see our Admissions Timeline

If we are not of the Jewish faith, will my child feel comfortable here? Yes! Diversity and inclusion are highly valued at this institution. Our community is comprised of children and families of diverse faiths and ethnic backgrounds, including those who are not Jewish. We celebrate, respect and validate each child and family who enters our school. 

Scholarship/Financial Aid The FJECC has limited scholarship funds available. Our parents complete an online financial assistance application through the National Association of Independent Schools website, which generates a report estimating the parents' ability to contribute. The FJECC tuition assistance committee considers the report along with other materials requested in order to make a determination of scholarship. For more information, please contact Helen Cohen at (617) 739-6455 or

How old do my children need to be to enroll at FJECC: Your child must be 1 year, 9 months old by August 31, 2019 to enter the toddler program. Your child must be 2 years, 9 months old by August 31, 2019 to enter the 2019-2020 preschool program.

Is there an interview for my child? No. Parents will take a tour and meet with the admissions director, but children are not interviewed for admissions. 

Do Temple Israel members receive priority admissions? The preschool, as part of Temple Israel, strives to serve temple members first and foremost. Therefore, Temple members in good standing have preference over non-members. However, there are no guaranteed spaces. Non-members should not be discouraged from applying, since there are many non-member families who are also a part of our preschool.

The FJECC reserves the right to balance the classroom with respect to gender, age and developmental level to ensure the highest level of education for every child accepted. Other factors that will determine placement of students include, the date the applications are submitted and completed as well as consideration of priority ratings, which are applied to each application.