See what parents are saying about their experience at the FJECC.

I am continually amazed by how well my daughter’s teachers know her, and by their commitment to helping her develop her strengths as well as her areas for growth. Every day, they feed her curiosity and inspire her love of learning. She can’t wait to get back into the classroom each morning.
— NL
I always expected that my children would make friends in preschool, I did not anticipate that my husband and I would make lifelong friends as well.
— JL
The school exhibits excellence on every level, from its passionate and engaged teachers to its innovative and proven curriculum to its facilities and parent community. There is no other school that could have nurtured the growth of our daughter the way the FJECC did.
— TF
The teachers know how to create a curriculum that is compelling, developmentally appropriate and truly integrated...I can honestly say that the FJECC is one of the strongest programs I have witnessed in terms of teacher quality, curriculum development, and sense of community for both children and parents alike.
— JP
As an interfaith family, we appreciate the way in which the FJECC welcomed us with open arms and provided us with a strong sense of belonging. Every holiday and ritual is explained to all parents through materials sent home—and also naturally shines through in lively stories from the children.
— AC
The amount of preparation, creativity, and skill development that goes into creating the thematic units our children study each year is nothing short of amazing.
— DJ