Extended Day

Our Extended Day program (1:00-3:00pm) runs in three 12-week sessions during the school year. During each session, there are a number of themed course offerings which parents can choose among for their children. Children begin Extended Day with outside time, followed by a rest period and then an hour of focused activity. 

Some sample choices from our recent Extended Day programs include:

  • Imagination Station
  • Spectacular Seuss
  • Science Magic
  • Passport to the World
  • Mondays with Matisse
  • Animal Adventures
  • Culinary Globetrotters
  • Bonkers for Books
  • Buildings & Structures
  • Wonderful Wax
  • Yoga
  • Actor's Workshop
  • Digital Photography
  • Artists and Their Art
  • Explore The Temple
  • The Science of Music
  • Balls, Balls, Balls
  • Newspaper
  • Robots 

The Stay & Play late afternoon program (3:00-5:00pm) is available with sufficient demand to continue to give parents as much flexibility as possible. 



2016-2017 Spring Extended Day Enrichment Offerings (1:00-3:00pm)


Has your child ever read a favorite book with you and wondered how the author gets ideas for stories? Have they wanted to create art on their own? In this session we will dive into the world of Eric Carle as an author and illustrator. The children will be exposed to the intricacies of early language and literacy that are embedded in his work. We will identify common themes and book features by engaging students in read-aloud stories, group discussions, games and activates based on his work. We will study Eric Carle's techniques using our favorite books and be inspired to make our own creations and projects. If your child loves to read and learn through literature which is presented in engaging ways this class is a must! 

This class will be inspired by the fabulous Louise Nevelson sculpture which graces the Riverway entrance to Temple Israel. The children will learn a little about the artist and about the medium of sculpture. They will take a tour of the artist’s work at the temple and also view her other pieces online and in books. We will start by taking photos of the artwork that graces our building, and then reflect upon the features that make the sculpture so unique and which aspects the students like best. They will then begin a ‘journey’ by creating sketches of their own ideas, leading to sculpting using many different materials such as paper, cardboard, wood and cloth. Everyone will make their own panels resembling the work of Louise Nevelson, with each week building in progression towards our final sculpture. 


Does your child have a favorite doll or stuffed animal that is their best friend? Do they take their buddy everywhere they go and have imaginary adventures together? If so, this is the perfect class! Join us in this craft inspired session where we will use our imaginations with our “buddies,” doing activities like building bedrooms for them and creating accessories such as a Passover Hagaddah or jewelry to take home. Dolls and stuffed animals will be invited to all classes. This class is designed to foster your child’s imagination and creativity. 

We would love to have your child join us for an afternoon each week that is filled with a good story and an activity to wake up our senses! We will tap into each of our five senses, and even a couple more: Taste, Touch, Hear, See, Smell, as well as Vestibular (movement) and Proprioception (knowing where your body is in space). We may make pizza with Pete from the book “Pete’s A Pizza,” ride bikes on a course with Duck from “Duck on a Bike,” or have fun experimenting with water with the family from “The Tub People.” It certainly makes ‘sense’ to enroll your child in this class. 

Would your child enjoy being a world traveler? Would they like to join their friends on a trip around the world while creating an international edition of the popular Extended Day newspaper? Each week the class will “jet off” to a new country and explore the culture through architecture, food, dance and games. The class will write articles about their visits, producing this year’s version of the “Extended Day Times,” which will be hot off the press at the end of the session, full of pictures and information about what we saw and did during our time together. 


Each week your child will be in for some card games and puzzle fun! From Go Fish to Uno and everything in between....maybe even a card trick! Traditional cards will be used as well as cards from games such as Old Maid, Memory, and Slamwich. Jigsaw puzzles, large floor puzzles, and other intricate puzzles that challenge the mind will be presented. This session is designed to foster social skills, cooperation, math skills and much more! 

Each week your child will delve into the wonderful world of books! The children will be introduced to a new story and then work on a project to further their understanding of the text. Each story will be the baseline for our activities. "The Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza,” "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie,” and "Elmer the Elephant" are some of the wonderful stories that we might read. Every week will be a new experience, ranging from crafts, games to cooking and everything in between! 

In this STEM-based class, we will be building, predicting and observing. Everyone loves building with Legos, but can we take it a step further and use Legos to make a pulley system? Has your child ever wanted to send items flying through the sky with a popsicle-stick catapult? We will even make our own stomp rockets, and mini parachutes for Lego people! We will also build using a variety of materials—including straws, newspapers and paper towel tubes. Can we make a structure that reaches the ceiling? What about a newspaper tower that is strong enough to hold a basketball? How fast will marbles and balls run through a paper towel tube race? Enroll your child in this class to explore the endless possibilities! 


In this class, we will be exploring various types of photography including portraits, still life, architectural, landscapes, cityscapes and searching for shapes in nature. We will begin by learning how to use our digital cameras. Each week children will take photographs and review their shots, picking favorite pieces to print and display. A student art show will be held on the second-to-last day of the session (Thursday, June 1st). All are welcome! Please note: If your child already has a camera that s/he uses and is comfortable with, s/he can bring it in to Jess (in the Green Room). Please include a memory card, carrying strap for the wrist and label your items. Cameras will remain at school throughout the session for safe keeping. Due to generous donations, we have several “point and shoot” digital cameras available for those who wish to use a school camera. 

Experiment, probe and investigate – have fun as we think and talk like scientists. Your child will explore and experiment with lots of different media. Here are some of our possible and popular topics: 
-Learn interesting facts about bubbles and tension.
-Find out about gravity as we suspend, lift and drop objects.
-Get stuck on magnets. 
-Watch for interesting chemical reactions when two different materials are mixed together. 
Whatever we explore, your child will see lots of tricks and the science behind the “magic.” 

We invite your child to come and enjoy the wonderful “world of circles” in this unique extended day offering! Throughout the session children will be taking a careful look at circles by investigating spots and dots found in award winning literature, famous painting styles, and many different crafting techniques. Children will study Kandinsky's circles, explore Seurat's use of dots in art, create circular shaped pizzas after listening to beloved books about pizza, and invent mandalas using brightly colored dot stickers - just to name a few of the activities we will work on throughout this session. We hope to see your child aROUND this class next session! 


We will offer a variety of FUN activities each week, using the amazing materials that are available to us at school, including MagFormers, Dr. Drew blocks as well as some new ones! We will engage in FUN and sometimes challenging activities, such as reading a book about architecture and then building structures with toothpicks and marshmallows. On other days we will participate in engaging movement games, build and fly paper airplanes, create sensory-rich mixtures or take advantage of the spring weather and learn through nature in the Outdoor Classroom! It will definitely be a plethora of FUN!