Extended Day

Our Extended Day program (1:00-3:00pm) runs for three sessions during the school year; Autumn, Winter and Spring. During each session, there are a number of themed course offerings which parents can choose among for their children. Children begin Extended Day with outside time, followed by a rest period and then an hour of focused activity. 

Some sample choices from our recent Extended Day programs include:

  • Imagination Station

  • Spectacular Seuss

  • Science Magic

  • Passport to the World

  • Mondays with Matisse

  • Animal Adventures

  • Culinary Globetrotters

  • Bonkers for Books

  • Buildings & Structures

  • Wonderful Wax

  • Yoga

  • Actor's Workshop

  • Digital Photography

  • Artists and Their Art

  • Explore The Temple

  • The Science of Music

  • Balls, Balls, Balls

  • Newspaper

  • Robots

The Stay & Play late afternoon program (3:00-5:00pm) is available with sufficient demand to continue to give parents as much flexibility as possible. 



2017-2018 Spring Extended Day Enrichment Offerings (1:00-3:00pm)


A Little Alliteration, A Lot of Laughter
Has your child ever wanted to gleefully grind gears? Or poke, prod and ponder a puzzle of pipes? How about build with blue blocks, slide on silver scooters or listen to literature by Leo Lioni? In this class children will explore a multi-sensory approach to topics in the fields of science, art, movement, math and literacy, all while having fun with alliteration, or “tongue twisters!”

 Get Loose
"Loose" yourself in ART! Children will immerse themselves in the wonderful world of "Loose Parts" to create artistic masterpieces. We will use a wide array of magnificent treasures, including gem stones, buttons, wooden shapes, items from nature and lots of other exciting materials. The class will culminate with an art show displaying the students’ collected works on the last class of the session, Monday, June 4th, at 2:30 pm.


Kids Care a Lot About Caldecott

Has your child ever noticed a silver circular seal on the cover of a children's book? That is the special Caldecott Medal!  It is given to the most distinguished picture books for children. What do books like Click Clack Moo, Blueberries for Sal, and Knuffle Bunny all have in common?  They are all Caldecott Medal winners!  In this class we will read books that have received this special honor and partake in activities related to each one.  Art, cooking, drama and movement will be included.

In this class, we will explore various types of photography including portraits, still life, architecture, cityscapes and searching for shapes in nature. We will begin by learning how to use digital cameras. Each week children will photograph a different subject while honing their visual discrimination skills, both inside Temple Israel and around the Longwood Medical Area. Parents will always be notified in advance of these “walking field trips.” A student art show will be held on the last class of the session, Tuesday, June 5th, at 2:30 pm.

Please note:  We have a small supply of digital cameras for use in this class, for children without access to one from home. Please indicate on the sign-up sheet whether your child will use their own camera (and memory card) or will need to use one that belongs to the school.

Trash to Treasure
Does your child love to “tinker” and explore with materials? Do they create treasures from objects that you would have thrown away? In this class we will look at loose parts in a new way.  Could that paper towel tube be a telescope? What about a pile of wood scraps? Could it become an intricate city? While working individually and collaboratively we will make wonderful creations - and explore, sort, classify & observe the materials we are using. Some activities will start with a plan, such as creating blueprints first; other days we will create and see where our imaginations take us!


Active Games
Hide and seek scavenger hunt? Musical clothes? Huh? Your child will need to join us in order to find out what these fun activities are all about!! Parachute games, relay races, bean bag activities, and various ball games and obstacle courses are a few examples of what will take place in this class. Some classic games, such as "Duck, Duck Goose,” and "What Time Is It Mr. Fox?" will be included as well. Come have some lively fun with us!

Passport to the World
Adventure and new experiences await us as explore several countries over this spring session. We will learn about culture, geography and customs as we experience a variety of dances, music, foods, and native crafts. We will gain new insights into the various cultures we “visit” while journeying through these countries.

Wearable Art
Have your child join us for a fantastic, fashionable spring session of Wearable Art. Each week, the children will explore and experiment with different materials and styles to create fabulous attire and accessories that they can wear home! Some of the activities will include tie-dye, silly hats, bead making, and so much more. If your child is interested in crafting his/her own funky designer-wear, please join us. We are looking forward to seeing your child soon!


Balls, Balls, Balls

In this active Extended Day class, we will have tons of fun playing many different games with…BALLS! From a life-sized “Hungry, Hungry Hippo” game played using scooters, from bowling to baseball and soccer to basketball to relay races, no ball game will be missed. We will throw, kick, roll and bounce our way through the afternoon. Come join this energetic excitement!

Cars & Trucks and Things that GO! 
In this STEM program, we will explore many types of vehicles. We will build cars and trucks, explore gears, and test speed using ramps. We will learn about the concepts of sink and float using boats. Rocket ships and emergency vehicles are also on the list of exciting topics to be discovered!

Crazy for Cards! Passion for Puzzles! 
Each week your child will be in for plenty of card games and puzzle fun, from “Go Fish” to “Uno” and everything in between....maybe even a card trick!  Traditional cards will be used as well as cards from games such as “Old Maid,” “Memory,” and “Slamwich.”  Jigsaw puzzles, large floor puzzles, and other intricate puzzles that challenge the mind will be presented.  This session is geared towards Blue & Green Room students, and is designed to foster social skills, cooperation, math skills and much more!


Fun Friday
We will offer a variety of FUN activities each week, using the amazing materials that are available to us at school, including MagFormers, Dr. Drew blocks as well as some new ones! We will engage in FUN and sometimes challenging activities, such as reading a book about architecture and then building structures with toothpicks and marshmallows. On other days we will participate in engaging movement games, fly paper airplanes, create sensory-rich mixtures or take advantage of the spring weather and learn through nature in the Outdoor Classroom! It will definitely be a plethora of FUN!